Gas and electricity bills increasing in New Hampshire

2021-12-23 07:33:19 By : Ms. Candy Tang

Granite Staters grapple with price hike

Granite Staters grapple with price hike

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Granite Staters grapple with price hike

Granite Staters report higher costs on their utility bills than normal as winter begins.

Liberty gas customer Michael Cammarata said he paid 55 cents a therm for natural gas this time last year. In 2021, he was charged $1.10.

"It is coming up with a 100% increase, just astounding. It boggles the mind," Cammarata said. "Finally, the retirement status hits you square in the head. Your income stays the same, and everything else is going up."

Liberty said in a statement to News9 the company does not benefit from high prices.

"When market prices are low, customers see the benefit but when prices are high, unfortunately, they bear the burden," said spokesperson Emily Burnett.

Electricity bills are rising, as well, according to Until media relations manager Alec O'Meara.

"There are really two parts of the utility bill," O'Meara said. "There is the distribution piece which is effectively your local utility."

O'Meara said that part includes everything from staff to trucks.

Second is the supply part of the bill, "and that changes every six months and it ties to the market cost of the electricity itself," O'Meara said.

Eversource shared a statement with News9, which said, "soaring global energy demand is creating higher energy costs for customers everywhere," and they are working with customers "one-on-one to find solutions."

If you are in need of heating bill assistance, you can apply on a government webpage, contact your local Community Action Agency, or call 211.

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